Diving in Ilsesee Lake

A diving and swimming paradise in Königsbrunn

The sun shines up above, fluffy clouds drift across the blue summer sky and the air smells like fresh lake water. It’s hard to believe that just an hour ago, you were sitting in the Best Hotel Zeller's Bayernsaal meeting room, concluding your successful meeting. What an amazing feeling!

After your meeting, take a hotel bike and cycle right to the lake. Lie on the warm grass, and listen to the lapping of the waves as you enjoy your hard-earned break beside beautiful Ilsesee Lake near Augsburg.

Dive into paradise

Crystal-clear water, magical canyons, unique underwater landscapes and a wide range of fish species. Look forward to all of this and more at one of the most attractive and popular diving lakes in Germany: Ilsesee Lake near Königsbrunn.

Be amazed by the one-of-a-kind beauty the ecologically-intact underwater world has in store whilst you enjoy fascinating diving up to 15 metres below the surface.

Thanks to its special conservation concept, Ilsesee Lake is considered one of the most diverse and clean diving lakes in Bavaria and boasts up to 20 metres of diving visibility!

The diving base on Ilsesee Lake - the fun begins here

Go diving, try a course, dive with a guide or at night - the diving base on Ilsesee Lake has everything divers could ask for and more. Rent all the equipment you need at the lake and experience weightless dives in one of Bavaria’s most beautiful diving areas.

The friendly and helpful base team will assist you with everything you need for your dive and will even join you on a journey into the legendary underwater world of Ilsesee Lake. Book your own little slice of freedom and dive in - diving at Ilsesee Lake near Augsburg is pure enjoyment.

Diving, swimming and relaxing

After a great dive, relax on the bank of the lake. Get comfy in the shade of an old tree, feel the warm sunshine on your skin and enjoy the sprawling sunbathing lawns by the lake.

While you amuse yourself with a game of beach volleyball, your kids can play on the grass and playground on Ilsesee Lake. For your safety, the water safety team are on duty. And if you need to cool off after your exciting day on Ilsesee Lake, just jump in!