The FC Augsburg Arena

Best Hotel Zeller - perfect for football weekends

Isn’t it an exciting feeling to be so close to your favourite football team when you stay at the 4-star Best Hotel Zeller? Just 12 km separate you in Königsbrunn and the home field of FC Augsburg. In just 14 minutes, you can reach the WWK Arena in Augsburg, one of the most modern and comfortable football stadiums in Bavaria.

See Germany’s national football team home games or the DFL Supercup - this is what we call first-class football.

Feel the thrill of being at the stadium, cheer on your team and have an unforgettable evening of football in Augsburg’s modern WWK Arena!

Football for everyone

The WWK Stadium can hold an amazing 30,660 football fanatics. This modern stadium features 19,060 seats, standing room for 11,034 and 46 wheelchair-friendly seats for first-class matches. And if you are looking for something very special, the Augsburg arena has 52 boxes available where you will experience football in a very exclusive atmosphere.

Wave your flag for fairness!

Fair play - that goes not only for the pro footballers who play in the WWK Stadium, but also for FC Augsburg’s loyal fans. In the friendly atmosphere of the WWK Arena, you can relax and enjoy an exciting evening of sports. Here guests and fans of the visiting team are welcome, and everyone celebrates the Bundesliga and first-class sports tournaments together. If you’d prefer, you can also watch football matches at the Best Hotel Zeller’s Sky & Lounge sports bar.

Tonight - see a live match

The WWK Arena’s pre-sale ticket office opens 2.5 hours before kick off. If you don’t have any plans, we can definitely suggest seeing an FCA game and taking in the incredible atmosphere! Here you will experience 90 minutes of pure adrenaline: exciting, nerve-racking and absolutely unforgettable!

The stadium in just a 14-minute car ride from the Best Hotel Zeller business hotel in Königsbrunn. You can also take the tram or the Messe-WWK shuttle bus. We will be happy to take care of arranging tickets for you, too. Be spontaneous! Grab some friends and have a great evening in Augsburg’s football stadium!